The information on your application will be verified objectively to assist in selecting an applicant. Applications are screened on a first come first served basis. To be considered for tenancy we must receive a completed application including all associated applications, photo ID and proof of income. The applications must be legible, without blanks, verifiable, and meet these guidelines. If after a good faith effort, we are unable to verify something on your application, we will go on to the next application.

  1. We will not review incomplete applications. Each prospective tenant, aged 18 years or older, must complete an individual application. There is a $40 application fee due with each application this application fee is non-refundable once screening has begun. If we do not begin screening your application, we will refund your fee.
  2. The applications must clearly state who will be residing in the unit.
  3. Each application must include a copy of photo id and income verification. Incomplete applications will not be approved.
  4. We require a Verifiable monthly gross income of at least 3 times what your monthly rent will be. Section 8 tenants must submit their housing choice calculation voucher worksheet and request for tenancy approval form.
  5. We will check your credit and eviction record. If your application is denied based on information contained in your credit report, you will be notified appropriately.
  6. We will not rent to you if we uncover information that leads us to believe that your tenancy would constitute a threat to the health and safety of other individuals in the complex/neighborhood or an unreasonable risk of damage to the property.
  7. Providing false information or failing to provide pertinent information may be cause for denial of your application or termination of tenancy.
  8. Your attitude towards staff and contractors will be taken into account.
  9. Oregon Tenant and Property Management LLC will provide for reasonable accommodation to rules, restrictions and services provided. If you feel you need a reasonable accommodation, it is your responsibility to ask for it.
  10. Some applications may have circumstances that will require a larger deposit or a cosigner. You will be notified of any additional requirement.
  11. Pets may be allowed at some properties but must be pre-approved. Pets must receive at least one year of positive rental references. Some Breeds are not allowed by insurance. We charge a $250.00 additional security deposit per pet. We also charge $25.00 per month increased rent per pet. Reasonable accommodation to this policy is available by request only and will be verified.
  12. Production or consumption of any substance regulated or prohibited by Federal law is not allowed. (i.e. marijuana, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  13. You must provide 3 yrs of verifiable rental history. Renting from family is not considered.