With more than 20 years of experience in commercial/industrial facilities management and rental property management, Oregon Tenant and Property Management, LLC, has the experience you need to ensure that your properties are profitable and your rental experience is a positive one. Over the past two decades, we have managed everything from industrial facilities to multi-family residential units, and we understand the unique needs of property owners and the tenants who occupy each of these types of space.

When you partner with Oregon Tenant and Property Management, LLC, you benefit from working with a company that has a passion for property management. We understand that property management is relationship-based work, and we strive every day to build positive relationships with our owners and our tenants.

Oregon Tenant and Property management provides property management services in Eugene, Springfield and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to reach out and talk with us about the possibility of having better property management.

Tenant & Property Management in Eugene, Springfield, and more.